“I was so frustrated reading websites that said nothing and buried the lede. Martha’s work in teaching writing for the web to our technically-oriented students at Harvard was invaluable. Students improved their writing in 15 weeks, and the improvement stayed with them as they moved into more advanced technical coursework. Now if we can get the rest of the web to take the same advice….”

—Jen Kramer,
web designer and award-winning instructor,
author of Before You Code

“First-person journalism is the wave of the future—and the wave of the present!—attracting both journalists and writers from every genre…. An important and timely subject with wide appeal.

—Eric Maisel, creativity coach, 
author of
 Writer’s Paris and A Writer’s San Francisco

“As a first-person journalism student of Martha’s at Harvard, I’m elated by the possibility of holding in my hands a cohesive guide to weaving personal story and voice while reporting real news.”

—Emily Rose,
former student and writing coach,
author of Break Your Bad Love Habits

An Open Letter to
Martha Nichols 

Dear Professor Nichols,

I learned how to write one of these in your class, and I liked it so much that here I am doing it on my own time. No deadline, no assignment, no grade required. And really, that’s how the class felt. Learning for the sake of learning….

—S. K. Ellis (pen name),
former student

Read here: “Open Letter: To My Journalism Professor”

“Though I’d been writing ‘creative nonfiction’ for years, an AWP presentation by Martha Nichols introduced her listeners to the delicate but rigorous demands of first-person journalism. How do we strive for accuracy without sacrificing lyricism? she challenged us. How do we stay true to the facts without losing our narrative voice? A few years later, as my editor, Martha systematically helped me answer those questions. And now, her clear-eyed understanding of both our obligations and opportunities as first-person journalists is more essential than ever.”

— Julie Wittes Schlack,
teacher and author 
of the memoir
This All-at-Onceness

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